About Earn N Learn

“I bring you the gift of these four words: I believe in you.” -Blaise Pascal

About pageOur Earn N Learn family consists of more than 50 brothers and sisters. We range from 12 to 16 years old. Each of us must attend a formal school to be part of Earn N Learn. If we have dropped out, Earn N Learn helps put us back in school. Our mentors visit our homes regularly, spend time with our families and are always there for us.

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After attending school in the mornings and doing our share of the household chores, we come to Manav Sadhna. During the four hours we spend at the Ashram, we do an all-religion prayer, enjoy a nutritional snack such as fruit, chana (spiced chickpeas) or kichadi (a lentil and rice dish) and attend an hour-long tutorial class to strengthen our education. We spend the rest of the time cutting, pasting, creating, joking, working together and learning from one another. We celebrate every festival and go on lots of field trips, like camping at Mt Abu or trekking through forests in the Dangs. Sometimes a guest will come and run an interesting workshop like how to build a portable solar cooker out of paper! International volunteers teach us sports like soccer and Frisbee and help us with basic English. We have even collaborated with an international designer to create beautiful paper lamps. We love what we do and who we do it with!

Rudra Centre – Earn N Learn

Recently, our family has expanded to include a new group of 20 girls, who range from the ages of 12 to 16. Many girls in our community stop going to school because they struggle with their studies, have a shortage in funds for supplementary education and/or deal with pressures at home to help with chores and take care of siblings. Out of concern that somebody will harm their daughters, parents also restrict them from leaving home once girls enter their early teens.

Our twenty new sisters meet at the Rudra Women’s Center, located in the heart of the Tekro (the community where we live). In addition to earning some money, Earn N Learn provides the girls with a window into the world, while also nurturing their self-confidence, providing them with basic education and developing their personal growth.