The Team

“It takes a whole village to raise a child.” -African Proverb

In addition to the core Earn N Learn team, the Manav Sadhna founders and staff actively engage in mentoring the children and maintaining the spirit and larger vision of the organization.

Vandana Didi


“I love to encourage women and children to live with dignity. I try to use my skills and creativity to bring smiles into the lives of others. The children have taught me how to be happy in any circumstance, how to live in the present moment and how enjoy my work.”

Born in Kolkatta, Vandanadidi was introduced to Mother Teresa at a very young age and was attracted to service as a way of life. She graduated from Modern School in New Delhi and went on to pursue a Bachelors degree in Architecture from SPA. She worked on developing low cost housing, and then as an independent designer for many years. For the last 15 years, she has dedicated herself wholeheartedly to serving at Manav Sadhna, Gramshree and Craftroots.



Jagatbhai Sukhdia


“The children are my inspiration and motivation. Despite all their challenges, they are always happy and so resilient. They have also taught me how to listen, really listen. My dream for the children is that they all develop self-respect and live with balance. I also hope that one day, through the earnings of Earn N Learn, we can support the education of other children who have the potential, but lack the opportunities.”

Endearingly known as the bearded mother, Jagatbhai has been a solid pillar at Earn N Learn for the last 17 years. One day, Jagatbhai wandered into Manav Sadhna while visiting the Gandhi Ashram, and immediately joined on, first as a volunteer and then as a full time staff member. An artist by birth and trade, he initially taught painting to the children, and eventually joined the project as a full time designer, teacher and mentor. His tireless dedication and natural ability to add beauty to everything he touches is visible in every interaction with the children.


Yogesh Shah


“The children have taught me patience and forgiveness. I want to help them reach their own dreams.”

The children look up to Yogesh as an older brother. In one moment they are joking with him and in the next they are looking to him for guidance. He was introduced to Earn N Learn by his sister, also a former Earn N Learn coordinator. Prior to joining seven years ago, Yogesh worked in marketing for small businesses. He loves the creative environment at Earn N Learn and spends his time between developing designs, preparing new children, teaching the importance of quality and precision in work and overlooking the education program.






“I love that the girls can come to me and open up and that Earn N Learn gives them a chance to get out of their homes and step into the real world.”

Born and raised in Ramapir No Tekro, Anita is a grassroots leader and role model. She beat the odds and pursued her passion for learning. She finished her bachelor degree in commerce.  Despite endless challenges, her mother and brother have supported her throughout her journey and encouraged her to continue her education. She also runs tuition classes for children in her community to help them avoid the struggles she incurred.





As a child he participated in Earn N Learn, but Jignesh always demonstrated a strong interest in art and creativity as well as strong leadership skills. With his initiative and Earn N Learn’s support, he completed a graphic design course and began accumulating experience by working. Today, he has joined our sister organization, Craftroots as a full-time designer but heartily provides his services to Earn N Learn whenever need beckons.