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Nr. Parikshitlal Ashramshala Gandhi Ashram Ahmedabad 380027

Yogesh : 9327063896
Jagat : 9879032100

Cut & Paste

We learn how to cut everything from straight lines to fancy detailed curves and paste these cut outs with the utmost patience and precision. The saying is true, practice makes perfect.

Cone Work

Inspired from the traditional art form of painting henna onto the body, the method creates striking embossed designs.

Paper Beads and Jewelry Making

We make colorful and durable beads made from handmade paper and string them into garlands and earnings.

Fabric Painting

This is our favorite because we get to dabble with water and paint and make new, colorful creations.

Block Printing

We have recently started working with a local block printer in order to incorporate another element into our designs and help support local craft forms.

Silk Screen Printing

We work with local artisan for our printing needs. It’s a cool process to watch print design transferred onto butter paper and then made into screens, which are used for the final printing.