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Nr. Parikshitlal Ashramshala Gandhi Ashram Ahmedabad 380027

Yogesh : 9327063896
Jagat : 9879032100

Meet the Children

Children make a conscious choice to come to Earn N Learn. In order to attend, they must commit to focusing on education, learning the abiding values and taking care of their health.  Earn N Learn provides the infrastructure and support, they must be dedicated to attending regularly.

The values taught at Earn N Learn are:

Faith, Service, Self Reliance, Teamwork, Patience, Compassion, Generosity, Friendship, Mentorship,  Fun!

Mansi R Pandey

7 Standard

Aarti R Pandey

12 Standard

Shubham A Kori

8 Standard

Satish F Kori

8 Standard

Khushbu F Kori

11 Standard
Meet our partners who provide us unwavering love and support.

Our Partners