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Nr. Parikshitlal Ashramshala Gandhi Ashram Ahmedabad 380027

Yogesh : 9327063896
Jagat : 9879032100

All Earn Learn products use special handmade khadi paper produced by the Kalam Kush paper factory. Take the tour and learn more about what makes our paper so special!

The Paper Making Process


The paper production cycle starts with cotton strips known as ‘chindy’. The chindy is taken and ground down into small fibers.

Pulp Solution

The fibers that are produced are then added to a solution that binds everything together in preparation for the paper making.

Sifting & Framing

Next, the cotton is added to water, colour is added and it is sifted with a frame. The size of this frame will determine the size of the paper.


After it is taken out of the frame, the paper is layered and separated using muslin cloth. It is still wet at this stage.


The paper is then put into a press, and all the excess water is squeezed out so the paper can be prepared for drying. 


Once the paper is taken from the press, the muslin cloth is removed and each sheet is stacked on top of the other.

Drying & Packaging

Sheets are then hung up to dry and will later be taken down, trimmed and packed as a block.

Recycling the Remains

Paper that is not used is then collected and will be recycled in the next paper making process.