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Stories That Inspires You

I have to work hard and learn new things. I want to give my parents a good life.”

Bharti has always big smile on her face. When we see Bharti, it seems that she is the happiest girl and she has everything she needs. But these are all our fantasies. Bharti lives with his younger brother and parents in a small hut in a small slum area in the Gandhi ashram area. The father does the labour work and the mother goes to everyone’s house and does the cleaning work.

Bharti is 14 years old and she is studying in 9th standard. She has been part of the Earn N Learn program of Manav Sadhna for the last 1 year. She is working so hard and learning new things. Right now she is making heart pins and paper bags. Also she learns cutting and pasting. So she can also make greeting cards and wedding cards.

Bharti is a sincere girl. She comes every day in Earn N Learn program and earns some money, with that money she can help her parents who are struggling and working hard. Bharti doesn’t want anything for herself. She says that if I have money, I will give it to my parents. So they can buy a nice home. 

Bharti loves music and reading. She enjoys talking to everyone. Bharti wants to be a bright student so that she can fulfil the dreams of her parents. At such a young age, this girl has learned to take responsibility for her home. She helps her mother in daily house hold work. She knows cooking and she cooks every day to help her mom. Her life is revolves around her family.

We will try our best to make her enjoy this childhood during her time in Manav Sadhna.

“I don’t know what the future has in store for me but this is my chance and I don’t want to waste it.”

Satish Kori, a young boy living in a small house in Ahmedabad with his mother and siblings. He lost his father at a very young age. At a very important stage in his life, he found Manav Sadhna and recognized their work towards community development. He was pleasantly amused to witness how swiftly he became a part of Manav Sadhna family. Satish is enrolled under a unique program named “Earn and Learn” where children can develop new skills like creativity, critical thinking, decision making, etc. and they get an opportunity to showcase their talent. Satish has always been a pure bundle of joy and a very hardworking boy. During his teenage, he got clenched in a serious health disease; he couldn’t move his body and the condition worsened when no doctor showed hope in his health improvements. It is at this stage in life when a person needs help and support. It is a joy to be a helping hand for such people who have a lot of potential in them but due to financial constraints they suppress their identity.


Manav Sadhna recognized his ability to study further and provided financial aid and emotional support for his education. By helping a child receive education, we are helping in upliftment of his entire family; they will understand the importance of education and help others too and the chain continues. At the community level- whether we are a mentor, a teacher, a parent, an aunt, a godparent, an adoptive parent, a sibling – we are given the opportunity to boost a child’s self-esteem and help prepare them for a successful and invigorating path ahead.

Palak is a young talented singer. She learns singing by herself and she practices regularly at home. Palak is doing stage shows like Bhajan and Garba with her parents. She has her on youtube account. Palak is 13 years old and she is studying in 9th standard. She lives with her younger brother and parents in Ahmedabad’s slum area near by Gandhi ashram. Her dad is doing private job as an office assistant and mother is a house maker.

Palak has been part of the Earn N Learn program of Manav Sadhna for the last 4 years. Palak loves to sing daily prayers and occasionally sings in the program of Earn N Learn. She sings bhajans for old age majis on every Mutthi Annadan project.

She learned savings while coming to Earn N Learn program and it’s Important for her, how to behave nicely, co-operation is important where you work and in your family.