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Nr. Parikshitlal Ashramshala Gandhi Ashram Ahmedabad 380027

Yogesh : 9327063896
Jagat : 9879032100

Aarti R Pandey

12 Standard
18 Years Old
Years with Earn N Learn:
8 years
Favorite Activity:
English tuition with Swati Didi. Friday Games
Fondest Memory:
Volunteers at Manav Sadhna. Like Arpitbhai he used to make everyone laugh and he treated us a lot by taking us to the movies and feeding us chocolate. I remember Radhika Didi a lot. I enjoyed talking to her and playing games with her.
Future Dreams:
Charted Accountant. I would also like to go to Disney Land
Favorite Hobbies:
Dancing, Mehndi, making greeting cards